Charlie Chan 1938

The first year of comics from the creator of Kerry Drake

volume: 13
publisher: IDW
publish date:
language: English
coloring: black/white
pages: 344: Hard Cover
genres: classic

As a famed hero of the mystery novels by Earl Derr Biggers, Inspector Charlie Chan reached even greater heights in a series of popular movies. As actor Sidney Toler was preparing to replace Warner Oland as the wily police detective in 1938, Alfred Andriola was tapped to create a newspaper strip version of the character. The pride of the Honolulu Police Department uses his intellect more than his fists to solve cases of international intrigue, and the syndicate’s initial promotion called Charlie Chan “a new mystery strip, totally devoid of guns and gangsters” to separate it from Dick Tracy and his many hard-boiled imitators. This volume offers readers exiting adventures, snappy dialogue andarresting art from the heyday of the adventure strip.

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