At the coast of Almería, Agua Amarga, Spain

series: TIME-OUT
publish date:
language: English
coloring: full color
used condition: very good
pages: 48: Hard Cover

 Limited Edition - Numbered & Signed

Located at the beautiful coast of Almería, Spain, villages like Las Negras, Carboneras, Mojacar and Agua Amarga are all scenes of action in the comic book TIME-OUT. Natural Park Cabo de Gata Níjar and the nearby European deserts in the South Eastern part of Spain attract many visitors. For more than a decade the Dutch artists Matty Vroegop and Ed Schoonveld have been regular visitors, staying usually in Agua Amarga. Is it the desert-like landscape, or the lightness of their dreams, or being confused and slightly lost in this immense space, which attracts them to the warmest and driest area of the Iberian peninsula during times of reflection? Taking a Time-Out. Or is it meeting old friends, enjoying good food and sunny weather? Or might it be that in this area chairs, boats, dogs, pencils, olives, cars etc.. start talking? A strange place where history, old habits, new influences the modern world, tourism and radical solitude coexist. Cultures collide, combine and sometimes cooperate. The drawings in TIME-OUT are philosophical reflections on social life and landscape, consumption and production, latest news and politics, financial crisis and art, friends and family, architecture and space.

'The world in which we live is born in our thoughts' (Alain Vilenove 2008)

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