From here to absurdity

series: Zippy
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 216:
genres: underground

This Zippy collection features approximately a year's worth of strips, from November 2003 through November 2004, including full-color Sundays. Follow Zippy as he weaves in and out of "Bushmiller Country" (the land formerly inhabited by Ernie Bushmiller's classic Nancy comic strip) and — as if things weren't strange enough — he suddenly begins spouting Japanese, French, Russian, Farsi, Hungarian, Greek, Finnish and Latin! Zippy meets aliens, revisits Levittown (his birthplace) with Griffy, confronts the evil "Ziggy" and frolics with advertising icons like Reddy Kilowatt, Mr. Bubble, Colonel Sanders and the long-forgotten Unifax Astroboy. Oh, yeah, and he takes a long, hot bath (without Mr. Bubble). Also featured, a 3 page series of Zippyesque "art history lessons." Each strip shows the work of different well-known fine artistes of the recent past depicted on banners in a circus sideshow. Various customers contemplate the displays, a little unsure about whether or not to enter the tent. See the "Crying Picasso Girl"! The Rene Magritte "Apple-Face Man"! Edward Hopper's "Haunted Housewife"! Alberto Giacometti's "Dead Man Walking"! The series ends with Zippy & Griffy finally going in to "expose the con game", only to confront a guy who convices them he's psychic healer Gary Spivey!! New Sunday strips include visits to other comics genres, including '50s sci-fi, Romance Comics ("Young Lust" redux!) and Irving Tripp's "Little Lulu".

"Philosophically, Zippy's like an evolutionarily perfect combination of Wittgenstein, Marshall McLuhan, and Alfred E. Neuman." – People

"Griffith has achieved immortality." – Herb Caen

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