Walk a mile in my muu-muu

series: Zippy
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 159:
genres: underground

What-?! ZIPPY HIJACKED!? And by marauding speech balloon appropriators, no less!? This shocking turn of events, and more, is chronicled in our latest collection of the Zippy the Pinhead daily comic strip, Zippy: Walk a Mile in My Muu-Muu. In the aforementioned storyline, all of the strip's dialogue is usurped by balloons taken directly from old comics like "Beach Blanket Bingo," "Rusty Riley," "UFO Comics," "Mutt and Jeff," and "Steve Roper." Will Zippy get his voice back? And will he remember being abducted from a Kansas cow-lot by little gray aliens? Also in this collection: Zippy realizes Bob's Big Boy isn't God, as he's assumed all along — but the Devil! As if that weren't enough: Zippy confronts the Grim Reaper himself (who, it turns out, is Baby Huey in disguise), bakes a cake in the shape of the Guggenheim Museum, and carries on meaningful conversations with Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders and the Beagle Boys. All this and new chapter titles! As the Zipster himself exclaimed in his August 15th, 2006 appearance: "I may have reached th' tipping point!"

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