Zoot suite

series: Zoot suite
publisher: Fantagraphics
publish date:
language: English
pages: 408:

The famous mathematical principle known as Zeno's Paradox, a mind-blowingly simple theorem whereby no two objects can ever come in contact with one another because the space between the two can be infinitely halved, is brilliantly illustrated by the Langridge brothers in this hilarious and beautifully crafted original graphic novel. When mild-mannered Bodkin's car disappears, he and his friend embark on a quest that rivals that of the ever-elusive Holy Grail! A seemingly infinite series of misadventures ensues and takes our two heroes through a labyrinth of exhausting hijinks that includes a pertpetually postponed performance of Waiting for Godot in which the actor playing Godot never shows up! Witty and irreverent, Zoot Suite is a funny and thought-provoking original graphic novel!

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