NV Overwerk, by AAaRGH...
'NV Overwerk'. Translation: "Busy at work, I see!" - "I'm looking at the stock market reports to evaluate our market rivals." - "Great initiative! Report to me in half an hour!" - "The stock news, where is it printed? At the front? In the back?" - "Certainly not in the sports section." 

Belgian cartoonist AAaRGh... works on a regular basis for customers such as Jobat, TeVe-Blad, Netwerk, Bizz Nederland, Myx Magazine and Mudhoen. He also makes occasional drawings and cartoons for several commercial publications and publishing houses such as Averbode and Standaard. His comic 'NV Overwerk' is published in the daily tabloid newspaper Spits and in Jobat, the weekend supplement of Het Nieuwsblad and De Standaard. Besides being an artist, he is also a gag writer for the Canvas TV show 'De Rechtvaardige Rechters', and he goes on stage with improvised performances with De Nonsens Alliantie. He is also house cartoonist of the European Cartoon Center in Kruishoutem. 

In 2010 he paid tribute to Pom in the collective comic book 'Op het Spoor van Pom' (2011), of which the profits went to the Kinderkankerfonds to support children with cancer. 

In March 2020 the Western world was hit by a corona pandemic, which made nearly all public life fall to a stand still. Like many people AAaRGh... was forced to stay inside during the quarantine lockdown. He started drawing three corona-related cartoons a day to keep people's spirits up. By 27 April he already had enough episodes together to provide a chronological overview of the corona crisis, which he made available from June 2020 on as the book 'AAaRGh...Corona' on his website. 

His work was an influence on Rino Feys

NV Overwerk, by AAaRGH...
'NV Overwerk'. Translation: "That's Chinese for: I don't want to work and the boss can kiss my behind." - "That's Chinese for: I understood that, because I read the same book." 


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