Inside Woody Allen, by Stuart Hample

Stuart Hample, also known as Stoo Hample, was an American comic artist, cartoonist, playwright and children's book author. After serving two years in the Submarine Service during World War II, he began his artistic career with live cartooning. He performed with symphony orchestras at children's and pops concerts, drawing in rhythym with the music. He later worked as a writer and star for several children's shows, such as 'Cartoon Capers', 'Junior Jamboree' and 'Mister Kangaroo'.

Inside Woody Allen, by Joe Marthen

By the mid 1950s he was working as the assistant of Al Capp, then worked in advertising, before landing on a job as a syndicated cartoonist with the feature 'Rich & Famous' at Field Enterprises in 1976-1977. At the same time, he was the artist of 'Inside Woody Allen' for King Features. He used the pen name Joe Marthen for the early years, but when 'Rich & Famous' ended, he started using his own name until the strip's demise in 1984. He also wrote some other comics, such as 'Robin Malone' for artist Bob Lubbers, and created a number of children's books, including 'Children's Letters to God' and 'The Silly Book', and plays, starting with 'Alms for the Middle Class'.

In Woody Allen's Oscar-winning film 'Annie Hall' (1977) an animated sequence takes place, parodying Walt Disney's 'Snow White'. During the scene Allen mentions he always had sexual feelings for the Evil Queen. The drawing style of this cartoon was modelled after Hample's drawings, though he didn't have anything to do with it. The animation was provided by an actual former Disney animator: Chris Ishii! 

In the second strip of Merho's 'De Kiekeboes' album 'Een Zakje Chips' (1981) Woody Allen has a cameo, but drawn as the comics version by Hample. 

Inside Woody Allen, by Stuart Hample

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