Toonerville Folks, by Fontaine Fox 1937

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Fontaine Talbot Fox Jr. started his career as a reporter and part-time cartoonist for the Louisville Herald. He spent two years at University in Indiana, still drawing one cartoon a day for his newspaper, but had to give up his studies in favor of his true calling. From 1908, Fox started a series of daily cartoons about kids for the Chicago Evening Post. His panel was noted by the Wheeler Syndicate, that started distributing his work nationwide. He was famous for his creation of the 'Toonerville Folks' in 1913, which he based on his experiences with people in suburban Louisville.

It was a strip with the largest cast ever seen in a comic strip, including such characters as Mickey McGuire, Powerful Katrinka, the Terrible Tempered Mr. Bang, Aunt Eppie Hog, Suitcase Simpson and the Little Scorpions. Fox changed syndicates twice, eventually gaining all rights to his own strip. Apart from drawing comics, he was an author and a fervent golfer, winning several tournaments. He continued the 'Toonerville Folks' until 1955, when he retired. Fontaine Fox died in Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1964. Friz Freleng based the Looney Tunes character Yosemite Sam partially on the 'Toonerville Folks' character Terrible-Tempered Mr. Bang. Fox was also an influence on Hank Ketcham

Toonerville Folks, by Fontaine Fox, 1926

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