The Spider by Enrique Alcatena
The Spider - Reign of the Vampire King #3 (1992)

Born in Buenos Aires, Quique Alcatena started working for publisher Record in 1975. He illustrated stories and series like 'La Fortaleza Móvil', 'El Mago', 'Mundo Subterráneo', 'Pesadillas', 'Dinastía Maldita', and 'Acero Líquido'. He eventually got international fame through his work for DC, Marvel, Eclipse and Dark Horse. His credits include Dark Horse's 'Predator' series with Chuck Dixon. On his own, he produced 'Les Carnets Secrets de Marco Polo', in which he told Marco Polo's magical experiences and strange supernatural encounters. Other series he worked on are 'Hawkworld', 'Batman', 'Conan' and 'Fantastic Four'.

Predator, by Enrique Alcatena

In the late 1980s and early 1990s he was also present on the British market. He worked on various DC Thomson titles including Starblazer and The Crunch, where he drew 'Arena and Buddy' and the Napoleonic navy strip 'Midshipman Coward'. He was also present in The Victor with 'Tom Cochrane'.

He also continued to work for the Argentinian market, drawing for publishers like Editorial García Ferré and Editorial Columba. He cooperated with Robin Wood on 'Merlin'. He also made a book with Eduardo Mazzitelli, called 'Metallum Terra', which was published by Doedytores. With the befriended artists Garciá Duran and Horacio Lalia, he self-published the magazine Hacha. For the Italian market, he has done 'Pesadillas' with Mazzitelli.

Predator, by Enrique Alcatena

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