comic art by Jack Alderman

Jack Alderman, who was presumably born in Canada, worked for American comic books in the 1940s and 1950s. From the late 1930s throughout the 1940s he was been affiliated with studios and shops like Bernard Baily's, Binder Studio, Chesler Studio, Eisner/Iger, Funnies Inc. and L. B. Cole Studio. Among his earliest work was inking 'Sheena' for Fiction House. For Ace Periodicals, he has illustrated features like 'Captain Gallant', 'Hap Hazard', 'Long Arm of Law', 'Marvo the Magician', 'Vulcan' as well as house ads. He drew 'Masked Marvel' for Centaur, 'American Eagle', 'Doc Strange' and 'Captain Future' for Better Publications and Fawcett's 'Bulletman' and 'Captain Midnight'.

comic art by Jack Alderman

He did many features for both Holyoke and Timely, mainly in the crime genre. He has inked Timely's 'Captain America', while his Holyoke work included 'Red Cross', 'Speed Spaulding', 'F.B.I.' and 'The Deacon'. By the mid-1940s he was present at Feature Comics with 'Black Owl', 'Blue Streak', 'Cliff Gordon' and 'Tom Morgan'. He also did 'Jeep and Peep' for Spotlight Comics, 'Hack O'Hara' over at Quality. In the 1950s, he illustrated to Charlton's mystery, crime, romance, war and western titles, and also drew horror stories for Stan Lee's Atlas line. Throughout the second half of the 1950s he illustrated 'Tweety and Sylvester' stories for Dell Publishing, based on Friz Freleng's animated duo .

Jeep Comics by Jack Alderman

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