Lili by Al G
L'Espiègle Lili (Fillette 441, 30 December 1954)

Gérard Alexandre, who signed his work Al. G, is best known as the longtime artist of the classic comic series 'L'Espiègle Lili'. He worked as an illustrator for advertisements before World War II, and he began an association with La Société Parisienne d'Édition (S.P.E.) after the war. After creating some illustrations for the publisher's magazine Fillette, he took over the artwork of the series 'L'Espiègle Lili' from creators Jo Valle and André Vallet in 1946.

Les Nouvelles Aventures de Miki by Al G.
Les Nouvelles Aventures de Miki (Fillette 441, 30 December 1954)

Alexandre worked on the 'Lili' comic, one of the longest running series in French comic history, for the rest of his life. He made stories in collaboration with scenarists Bernadette Hiéris (1956-1962) and Paulette Blonay (1962-1974), and introduced text balloons to the series in 1952. Apart from 'L'Espiègle Lili', Al. G. created French versions of the American comic strips 'Miki' (1954) and 'Aggie' (from 1960), that were originally created by Bob Kay and Hal Rasmusson, respectively. Al. G. drew his final contributions to the 'Lili' series for Beaux Albums de la Jeunesse Joyeuse, and passed away in 1974.

L'Espiegle Lili by Al. G.

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