Guerra de Automatas, by Matias Alonso

Born in Valle de Trapagarán (Euzkadi), Matías Alonso Andrés has illustrated several Spanish adventure comics for the publishing houses Grafidea and Valenciana in the 1950s and 1960s. For Grafidea, he has worked with scriptwriter Pedro Muñoz on 'Luis Valiente', 'El Charro Temerario', 'La Capitana', 'El Amuleto Verde' and 'Jarko, el Temible'. At Valenciana, he took over Manuel Gago's 'El Guerrero del Antifaz' for several episodes. He also drew stories and covers for the collection 'Hazañas de la Juventud Audaz'.

Alonso has additionally worked for magazines like Flecha Roja ('La Isla del Tesoro'), El Boletín and Jaimito. In the 1970s he began working for the British publishers D.C. Thomson and Fleetway on titles like Air Ace, Battle Action, Commando, Eagle, The Victor and Twinkle. He eventually switched to painting.

Hazañas de la Juventud Audaz, by Matías Alonso

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