El Guerrero del Antifaz, by Manuel Gago

Manuel Gago Garcia is the creator of 'El Guerrero del Antifaz', one of the most famous Spanish comic characters of the 1940s. Born in Valladolid as the son of a commander of the republican army, his family moved to Albacete to live near the jailed military man when Gago was very young. Being a tuberculosis patient, Manuel Gago began drawing intensively until his recovery. His first comic series, 'Motopi King', was launched in 1942. The series lasted only two issues due to censorship.

El Regreso al Condado, by Manual Gago

'El Guerrero del Antifaz' was launched in October 1944 by Valenciana publishers. Gago's style was quick and direct, with an unusual use of frames. It is said that Gago was the first Spanish artist to use an American way of storytelling and his work set the standard for other magazines. The publisher gave Gago more and more assignments, which often didn't suit his style or interest. However, 'El Guerrero del Antifaz' was a highly successful, yet violent comic, selling over 200.000 copies per issue. The entire collection was reprinted in the 1970s, and a new run was started in 1979, which lasted until 1981.

His brother-in-law, Miguel Quesada Cerdán, was also a comic artist. 

El Guerrero del Antifaz, by Manuel Gago

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