Kormax by Miguel Quesada
'Kormax' (Vampiros #342).

Michel Quesada was born in 1933 in Albacete. He left school at the age of twelve to start making money for his family, since his father was imprisoned during the Civil War. The same year, he began drawing comics, being the brother-in-law of Manuel Gago and a close friend to Luis Bermejo. He began assisting Gago on 'La Pandilla de los 7' in late 1945.

Pequeño Pantera Negra, by Miguel Quesada
'Pequeño Pantera Negra'. 

A year later, Quesada joined the publishing house Valenciana, where he did the 'Los Exploradores del Universo' collection along with his brother Pedro. Again with his brother, he began 'Ted el Pelirrojo' at Bruguera. At the same time (and still very young!) he was a regular artist for periodicals like Jaimito, S.O.S. and Juventud Audaz, doing series like 'Kormak el Vikingo' and 'El Justiciero Negro'.

El Castigo, by Miguel Quesada
'El Castigo'.

In 1951 Quesada was in charge of the first collection for Maga publishers, 'Leyenda y Fantasia'. At the same time, he produced 'El Sargento Invencible' for the same publisher. That same year, Quesada began one of his most notable comics works, 'Pacho Dinamite', strongly inspired by 'Big Ben Bolt'. He also began a new series with his brother as his scriptwriter, called 'Tony y Anita'. While doing two successful series for Maga, he also took over 'Pantera Negra' from José Ortiz for five episodes, after which he completed his military service. Afterwards, he returned to the comic industry for several years. In later years, Miguel Quesada focused mainly on illustrating. In Germany, his horror comics appeared in the comic book Gespenster Geschichten by Bastei Verlag.

His son, Miguel Quesada Ramos, also became a comic artist. 

comic art by Miguel Quesada
Comic art by Miguel Quesada. 

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