Pimpa, by Altan (1976)
Pimpa (1976)

Francesco Tullio-Altan is widely known in his home country Italy for his satirical comics about modern life. After studying architecture and writing scenarios for television and cinema, Altan moved to Brazil, where his comics career took off. He created his first comic, 'Kiko', in Jornal do Brasil, while also making illustrations for the Italian Playboy.

Ada, by Altan (Alter Alter, February 1979)
Ada (Alter Alter, February 1979)

In 1974 Altan returned to Italy took on the series 'Trino' in the magazine Linus. The next year he created the puppy 'Pimpa', which was an immediate success and is published in the Corriere dei Piccoli. He has also designed satirical political illustrations for the newspaper L'Espresso. He multiplied his activities for Linus magazine with 'Sandokan', 'Colombo' and 'Ada'. While still working on his 'Ada' series, Altan started to make an adaptation for the cinema of this series. At the same time, he created satirical political illustrations L'Espresso.

Altan was admired by Alfredo Chiappori.

comic art by Altan

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