Faust by Ambre

After finishing his studies in Fine Arts in Lyon, Ambre created the association Organic Comix and launched his own magazine Hard Luck in 1991. In September 1995, he began a collaboration with the Montpellier-based publishing house 6 Pieds Sous Terre. He contributed to their review Jade and created several titles on his own or in cooperation with writer Lionel Tran, including 'Chute' (1996), 'Journal d'un Loser (1999)', 'Trinité' (2000) and 'Une Année sans Printemps' (2001).

Chute, by Ambre

The publisher also released his adaptations of Bohumil Hrabal's novel 'Une Trop Bruyante Solitude' (with Lionel Tran, 2001) and Goethe's 'Faust' (with David Vandermeulen, 2006). Ambre and Vandermeulen also cooperated on the historical graphic novel 'La Passion des anabaptistes', about the German anabaptists in the 16th century.

Une trop bruyante solitude by Ambre
Une Trop Bruyante Solitude

Ambre's work has appeared in magazines and anthologies like Le Cheval sans Tête, L'Obsédante, Stripburger and Rock Hardi. He also contributed to the Comix 2000 anthology of L'Association, and in 'Dirty Stories' by Fantagraphics. In 1997, he launched his own Terre Noire label with Lionel Tran and Valérie Berge, under which he conceived 'Pique-nique au Bord du Néant' (1997), 'L'Écrivain' (2000) and the illustration books 'Une Terre de Difficultés' (2000) and 'Panoramique' (2005). In 1998 Ambre was invited to do lithographic work for the 20th anniversary celebration of the International Centre of Stamps.

comic art by Ambre


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