Fritz Haber by Daniel Vandermeulen
Fritz Haber

After finishing his studies in Fine Arts in Brussels, David Vandermeulen studied at the Institut Royal d'Histoire de l'Art et de l'Archéologie. When a musical career didn't turn out successful, he started a café-theater with a friend (Le Galactica). At the same time, Vandermeulen created self-published comic books under the label Clandestine Books. He also cooperated on collective works like Brain Produk and periodicals like Jade and Ferraille, for which he created his character/alter ego Monsieur Vandermeulen. He also used this old teacher as the author of several textbooks for the "llost youth", such as 'Litérature Pour Tous', that was published by 6 Pieds sous Terre in 2002. This publisher also released his book 'Les Champs de l'Obscène' that same year.

Champs Obscene, by David Vandermeulen

Next came his ambitious comics project about German chemist Fritz Haber (1868-1934) of which the first books were published by Delcourt in 2005, 2007 and 2010. As a scriptwriter he has worked with Ambre on 'Faust' (6 Pieds Sous Terre, 2006) and 'La Passion des Anabaptistes' (6 Pieds, 2010), with Guillaume Guerse on 'La journée d'un journaliste américain en 2889' (6 Pieds, 2009), and with Daniel Casanave on 'Une enquête du Commissaire Crémèr' (Dargaud, 2008-2009) and 'Shelley' (Lombard, since 2012).

He made a graphic contribution to the book 'Françaises, Français, Belges, Belges, Lecteur Chéri, Mon Amour' (Jungle!, 2005), in which comic artists illustrated short stories by comedian Pierre Desproges. 

On 28 April 2005 Vandermeulen designed a comic book mural, simply named 'Scène de la Rue / Straatscène', located in the Rue Terre Neuve / Nieuwland in Brussels, as part of the Brussels' Comic Book Route. 

Agrum Comix, by David Vandermeulen
Agrum Comix

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