From Ferraille, by Guillaume Guerse

Guillaume Guerse is co-founder of the publishing house Les Requins Marteaux and one of the most versatile artists of Ferraille Illustré magazine. He has also published his work in Fluide Glacial. While his style was at first influenced by artists of this magazine, it quickly matured through several publications by independent publishers like Les Requins Marteaux and 6 Pieds Sous Terre. Guerse has created several comics in cooperation with his loyal scenarist Marc Pichelin, including 'C'est Pas Tous les Jours Fête' (2000), an installment in the series 'Le Poulpe' (2000), 'Les Losers sont des Perdants' (2002), 'Operation Disco' (1999), 'Amour, Sexe et Bigorneaux' (2003, 2007), 'Foutoir' (2011) and 'Long Courier' (2011). He has also worked with David Vandermeulen on the science fiction oneshot 'La journée d'un journaliste américain en 2889' in 2009.

Long Courier by Guillaume Guerse
Long Courier

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