Edmundo Anchietta López (his name is sometimes erroneously written as "Edmundo Anchieta") is a comic artist from El Salvador, who lives and works in Costa Rica since the early 1980s.

Life and career
Born in San Salvador in 1958, Anchietta began his career at age 15, working as an assistant-illustrator at El Salvador's Televisión Educativa. At age 22 he moved to Costa Rica, where he became an illustrator and cartoonist for children's publications. He was notably one of the contributors to Carlos Figueroa's children's magazine Tricolor, which also contained artwork by Víctor Canifrú from Chile and the Costa Rican Carlos Alvarado Salazar. Most short stories in the magazine dealt with Central American folklore and Costa Rican history.

Anchietta is an original member of La Pluma Sonriente Internacional, a non-profit artists' organization founded by Oscar Sierra Quintero (Oki) in 1980 to promote Costa Rican cartoonists in expositions throughout South America and Central America, but also in Spain, Portugal and South Corea. Between 1985 and 1989 the group also published the humor comic magazines De Oreja a Oreja and La Cabra en Patines. In 2000 a subdivision with a focus on comic art, called La Pluma Cómic, was launched, formed by Anchietta, Oki, Rodicab, Rafael Campos Campos and Ronald Lopez Aguilar. Edmundo Achietta is mostly active as a commercial artist and illustrator through his studio Contrastes S.A. One of his clients in the scientific foundation CIENTEC.


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