'Leyendas Costarricenses en Novela Gráfica'.

Ronald Díaz Cabrera is a Costa Rican comic book artist, known under the pen name Rodicab. He is a member of the La Pluma Cómic association and has published graphic novels such as 'Desafíos' (2004) and 'Leyendas de un Sabanero' (2005).

Early life and career
Díaz Cabrera was born in 1975 in the city of Liberia in the province of Guanacaste. He grew up in an environment which was hostile against arts, but nevertheless learned himself how to draw. Later on, he took courses in Applied Arts from the University of Costa Rica. Díaz' first published comic story appeared in the magazine Camaleón under the title 'Rodicab el Guerrero Metálico' in 1997. He then worked for the Liberian newspaper El Sabanero on comic strips with folkloric themes.

La Pluma Cómic
Since 2000 Cabrera is an active member of La Pluma Cómic, a collective dedicated to promoting Costa Rican comics, both nationally and internationally. Other members of the group are Oscar Sierra (Oki), Edmundo Achietta and Rafael Campos Campos. Díaz Cabrera was the driving force behind La Semana de la Historieta, a series of comics-related activities in the city of Libera in October 2001. He also took part in the international exhibition 'Historieta Costarricense Contemporánea', held in both Milan, Italy and Mexico City in 2004.

Graphic novels
With support of Oscar Sierra, Rodicab released the epic 'Desafíos'. It goes down in history as the first known single-author comic book made and published in Costa Rica. The sci-fi story full of martial arts, which shows influences from 1980s comic books, was published in the USA by Malibu Comics and the Japanese manga 'Saint Seiya' by Masami Kurumada. His next graphic novel was 'Leyendas de un Sabanero' (SolGráficas Editores, 2005), an anthology collection with comics based on Guanacasta folk tales. A selection of these stories, as well as the ones Óscar Sierra made about Costa Rican myths for newspaper La Nación, were collected in the book 'Leyendas Costarricenses en Novela Gráfica' (2011). Rodicab's story 'El Dueño del Monte' was published in the 8th volume of the book series 'Perspectivas' by the US publisher Thomson Heinle.

Other artistic work
In addition to his independent comic book work, Rodicab has made illustrations for regional newspapers like El Sabanero, El Independiente, La Provincia and The Beach Times. He also illustrated the books 'Al Reencuentro de los Ancestros' (2005) by Anayensy Herrera and 'Cuentos Guanacastecos' (2007) by Juan Santiago Quirós. Rodicab also works as a fine artist, using several techniques, from graphite pencils to oil and acrylic. Since 2000 he has exhibited his free work, mostly portraits and drawings of the female figure, both in individual and collective expositions. In order to help preserve the cultural heritage of the earth, he has made a series of paintings under the title 'Leyendas'.

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