Gazy Andraus is a Brazilian comics researcher and author. He has written many papers and studies about the comics medium, and has worked as an art professor at the FIG-UNIMESP, the Metropolitan University Centre of São Paulo (2005-2016), and the State University of Minas Gerais (since 2017). His poetic and philosophical adult-oriented comics have appeared in fanzines from Brazil and Europe, and in his book 'Ternário M.E.N.' (2001).

Early life and career
Andraus was born in 1967 in Ituiutaba in the western part of the Brazilian state Minas Gerais. He studied Visual Arts at the Art Institute of the Federal University of Goiás (1986-1987), and graduated from the Faculty of Plastic Arts of the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation in São Paulo in 1992. He became a Master of Visual Arts from the Institute of Arts of UNESP in São Paulo in 1999, and a Doctor in Communication Sciences with his thesis 'As Histórias em Quadrinhos como informação imagética integrada ao ensino universitário' ("Comic books as visual information integrated in academic education", 2006) through the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo. His thesis won a prize in 2006 at HQMIX, the most important Brazilian comics event.


Writings about comics
Gazy Andraus regulary contributed articles about comic art to the Brazilian comics portal, and has participated in several comics-related studies, varying from Japanese manga and anime to local Brazilian comic history. He writes papers for congresses and is a researcher-member of several scholar societies and events, such as International Comic Book Days of the University of São Paulo, the ASPAS (Associação dos Pesquisadores em Artes Sequencial) and the CSSC (Canadian Society for the Study of Comics). Since 2017, Gazy Andraus teaches Art and Pedagogy at the UEMG State University of Minas Gerais.

Personal comics
Andraus' own comics can be described as "poetic-philosophical" (or "poetic-fantasy", as he calls it himself). They are inspired by authors of the French comic magazine Métal Hurlant like Moebius, Caza and Philippe Druillet. He is considered one of the main representatives of the genre in his country, along with likeminded authors such as Flávio Calazans, Edgar Franco and the pioneer of this style, Henry Jaepelt. His comics often follow a stream-of-consciousness, inspired by meditations or the atmosphere of musical compositions. His expressive and abstract artworks are generally created without a preconceived script or preliminary sketchwork, and often deal with the pursuit of self-knowledge.


He contributed his first comics art to the Barata fanzine in 1987. His production increased when he relocated to the Brazilian capital São Paulo in 1988. He has since then appeared in several other independent publications, such as Matrix, Ideário, Mandala and Gibio zine, as well as La Bouche du Monde from France and Vôo da Águia and Traços e Tintas from Portugal. He is the author of visually poetic graphic novel 'Ternário M.E.N.' (Marca de Fantasia, 2001, reprinted in 2018) and of the indie comic book 'Irmãos Siameses' (with Edgar Franco). With Edgard Guimarães he launched the fanzines Homo Eternus, Convergência, HQ2, Solos and Sacro-Conquistador. In later days, he has released solo fanzines such as Fraterimagenes, 3D Imagens and others. Criativo Editora released his art books 'Sketchbook Custom' (2017) and 'Graphic Book - Homo Eternus' (2017). His story 'Terra e Plantio' appeared in Brasilian Heavy Metal in 1996.

TernĂ¡rio M.E.N.
'Ternário M.E.N.'.

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