Arthur le Fantome, by Mircea Arapu
'Arthur Le Fantôme'. 

Mircea Arapu was born in Bucharest, Romania. He developed an interest in Belgian-French comics. After publishing 'Amfora Sabin' with Éditions Stadion and some contributions to Cutezătorii, he headed for France in 1978. His first work in France was published in Jean Tabary's magazine Les Vacheries de Corinne à Jeannot. He published the erotic album 'Le Parfum Qui Rend Fou' with Dominique Leroy and participated in Claude Moliterni's 'L'Histoire Mondiale de la Bande Dessinée' for publisher Pierre Horay. He was one of the founders of Peur, the first Romanian comic magazine in the French language, in 1980.

Chuck comic, by Mircea Arapu
'Chuck', by Mircea Arapu.

He also began a collaboration with the magazine Pif Gadget in Paris, that lasted from 1982 to 1987. He took over 'Arthur le Fantôme' from Jacques Cézard in 1982, working with the scriptwriters Jacques Kamb and Raymond Maric. Arapu additionally illustrated stories with 'Pif' and 'Placid et Muzo', as well as covers and editorial sections.

comic by Mircea Arapu
Comic strip by Mircea Arapu. 

In the second half of the 1980s, Arapu started several unfinished projects with Maric for Dargaud and then focused on advertising art ('Sherlock Holmes Voit Rouge' for Twinnings, 'Le Serpent à Plumes' for NewMan). In 2004 he returned to comics by coloring the work of Christian Godard. He also returned to the pages of Pif Gadget as an editor and illustrator upon the magazine's relaunch from 2005 to 2009. In Romania, he has participated in projects like 'Haz în Vacanţă' and the relaunch of Carusel magazine with Sandu Florea.

cover by Mircea Arapu
Cover illustration for Pif. 

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