Cadáveres de Permiso, by Pedro Arjona
Cadáveres de Permiso

Artist Pedro Arjona was a member of the team El Cubri which was founded in the early 1970s. Scriptwriter Felipe Hernández Cava and artist Saturio Alonso were the other members but Alonso left the team later on. As a result Pedro Arjona was the only artist of such El Cubri's works as 'Cadáveres de Permiso', 'Luis Candelas' and 'El Hombre Invisible'.
Once El Cubri had parted company Pedro Arjona teamed up with scriptwriter Jorge Martínez Reverte and they did two strips for daily El País: 'Un Cadáver sin Dueño' and 'Sol de Otoño'. They were compiled under the only title 'Un Cadáver sin Dueño' by Ediciones Cúbicas. After that Pedro Arjona left the field of comics.

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