Luis Candelas, by El Cubri

El Cubri is the collective name of Spanish scriptwriter Felipe Hernández Cava and artists Saturio Alonso and Pedro Arjona, who teamed up as a political and creative group. Hernández Cava and Alonso created it early in the 1970s. Arjona joined soon and he became the only artist some years later when Alonso left and moved to Dublin.
Most of El Cubri's politized and experimental early works are very difficult to track down because they were scattered in different publications non-related to comics. They published 'El que Parte y Reparte' in book format in 1975. In 1977 El Cubri did the covers for the collection 'Historia del Franquismo'. They were compiled with the title 'Francografías' by Edicions De Ponent in 2006.

Paisa, by El Cubri

A second stage started for El Cubri in about 1978 when they tackled works like the western 'Mezquite', a series published in magazine La Calle. Then their series 'Sombras' went through different publications until the stories were compiled by De La Torre in 1983. Nevertheless it was improved by the extended compilation published by De Ponent in 2004. 'Sombras' was set in the USA halfway through the 20th century. El Cubri did two stories featuring the private detective 'Peter Parovic'. The first one was first published in Diario 16. The second and longest one, 'Cadáveres de Permiso', was first serialized in Rambla between 1983 and 1984. Saturio Alonso wasn't in the team by then. El Cubri also contributed three episodes of 'Paisa' to Rambla. They started the serial 'Luis Candelas' in the first issue of Madriz in 1984.

Luis Candelas, by El Cubri

El Cubri contributed satirical series to newspapers Villa de Madrid and El País. For the latter they did 'El Hombre Invisible' which was compiled by De Ponent in 2002. Team El Cubri had parted the company long before. Born in 1953, Felipe Hernández Cava has also collaborated with such varied artists as Luis García, Adolfo Usero, Marika, Asun Balzola, Raúl, Federico Del Barrio, Enrique Breccia, Ricard Castells, Pep Brocal and Laura.

El Hombre Invisible, by El Cubri

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