Alvar Mayor by Enrique Breccia
'Alvar Mayor'.

Enrique Breccia is the son of the famous Argentinian comic artist Alberto Breccia, and brother of Patricia Breccia and Cristina Breccia. He followed in his father's footsteps and started out doing comics for the English Fleetway agency in the mid-1960s. He cooperated with his father on the controversial biography of Che Guevara, written by Hector German Oesterheld. Soon, he pursued a solo career, starting with the 'Conquista del Desierto' series.

El SueƱero, by Enrique Breccia
'El Sueñero'.

Breccia also made his version of 'Till Ungespiegel' ('Tijl Uylenspiegel') and illustrated the Spanish invasion of America. In this last series, Breccia also proved to be an excellent colorist. In the 1980s, he produced the mythological saga 'El Sueñero', which started as a fantasy comic, but soon evolved into a political allegory. He cooperated with writer Carlos Trillo on the 'Alvar Mayor' series in Skorpio. Enrique Breccia has also done work for DC Comics, such as 'Batman: Gotham Knights'.

Enrique Breccia was a strong influence on Fernando Sosa.

comic art by Enrique Breccia (1984)
Comic art by Enrique Breccia, 1984.

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