comic art by Luis Garcia

Luis García was born in Puertollano, Spain in 1946. In the early 1960s he joined publisher Bruguera and the international agencies Creaciones Editoriales and Josep Toutain's Selecciones Ilustradas. Apart from some exceptions like 'Davy Crocket' (1963), most of his assignments of this decade were romances for the UK and other European countries, including Spain. He also participated in the beginning of Esteban Maroto's '5 por Infinito' (1968) and the series 'Aventuras en la Selva' (1969)

Nova-2, by Luis Garcia

In 1972 Luis García worked for Warren in New York, then he switched to the French magazine Pilote. Using his detailed, almost photographic style, he cooperated with Victor Mora on 'Chroniques de l'Innomé' ('Las Crónicas del Sin Nombre') Pilote published this series from 1973 to 1980 (Warren translated some episodes showing modifications in both texts and pictures).

Chicarras, by Luis Garcia

Teaming up with Carlos Giménez and Adolfo Usero, Luis García drew 'La Isla del Tesoro' (1977) and 'La Gran Aventura' (1978, later renamed '4 Amigos'), both for juvenile readers. Also during the 1970s he turned out occasional short stories which appeared in such publications as Pilote, Scop, Bang! and Trocha. Felipe Hernández Cava and other writers helped with the scripts. Later on those stories were gathered in the books 'Etnocidio' (1979) and 'Chicharras' (1985)

Luis García was one of the founders of Spanish magazines Trocha (later renamed Troya) and Rambla, and became the director of the latter.

Rambla, by Luis Garcia

In 1981 Luis García collaborated with Usero and Hernández Cava on the historical book 'Argelia'. The same year magazine Totem published García's serial 'Nova-2'. In 1982 Rambla started the second part. After the abrupt folding of Rambla in 1985, Luis García switched artistic careers to painting. Nevertheless, he drew additional pages for a compilation of both parts of 'Nova-2', which was published by Glenat Spain in 2004.

Las Cronicas del Sin Nombre, by Luis García

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