Roldán sin miedo, by Adolfo Usero
'Roldán sin Miedo'.

Adolfo Usero was born in Madrid in 1941. He moved to Barcelona in 1965. His first published comics were mainly westerns and war stories produced  through Josep Toutain's agency Selecciones Ilustradas from 1963. He worked for the British market through agency Bardon Art. In 1968 Usero cooperated on the first episodes of Esteban Maroto's '5 X Infinito'. After that he took over the series 'Delta 99' from Carlos Giménez. At Ortega's agency, Usero did 'Alex, Kan y Khamar'.

El hombre que contaba historias, by Adolfo Usero
'El Hombre Qui Contaba Historias'. 

For publisher Bruguera Adolfo Usero drew the series 'Roldán sin Miedo', written by Víctor Mora in the 1970s, and some episodes of 'Félix, el Amigo de los Animales'. Also with Mora, he created 'Les Compagnons d'Univerzoo' in the French magazine Pif in 1974.

Carlos V, by Adolfo Usero
'Carlos V'. 

Usero did several works in cooperation with fellow artists. With Luis García and Carlos Giménez, he did '4 Amigos' and 'La Isla del Tesoro'. With Giménez and Alfonso Font (and again Mora as a scriptwriter) he illustrated the second episode of 'Tequila Bang' in 1978.

Maese Espada, by Adolfo Usero
'Maese Espada'. 

In the 1970s Adolfo Usero collaborated to US horror magazines Creepy and Vampirella under the name Adolfo Abellán. From 1976 to 1979, he contributed to El Papus with such works as the series 'Dossiers'. He cooperated on the magazine Trocha in 1977. In 1981 he and writer Felipe Hernández Cava did the historical works 'El Domingo Rojo' and, with Luis García as a co-artist, 'Argelia'. The same year Usero contributed some short stories to magazine Cimoc.

comic art by Adolfo Usero
Comic art by Adolfo Usero.

In 1982, magazine Rambla published Usero's series 'Maese Espada'. Then he did some biographies for publisher Bruguera and he collaborated on TBO. In 1990 he and writer A. Guiral did the series 'Salvajes' in Cimoc. In the 1980s Adolfo Usero took up animated cartoons, then advertising and he has mainly worked in these fields since.

Los Companeros de Univerzoo, by Adolfo Usero
'Los Compañeros'. 

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