Bri d'Alban, by Alfonso Font
Bri d'Alban

Alfonso Font Carreras is a Spanish artist, who has worked in a great variety of genres and styles for publishers all throughout Europe and the US. Born in Barcelona, he did his first illustration work for the publisher Bruguera, and then made his comics debut in the series Hazañnas del Oeste of the publishing house Toray. Some of these stories were also published in the French Aredit comic Flèche Noir.

Jon Rohner by Alfonso Font
Jon Rohner

He then turned to agency work through Selecciones Illustradas, starting with comic stories about the lives of famous criminals for the Scandinavian market. In the 1970s, he became a regular for Fleetway in London with features like 'Black Max', also also for the horror comic books published in the USA by Warren and Skywald. He created the comic 'Géminis' with writer C. Echevarria, that was published in France as 'Phil Jackson' in Marouf in 1979 and 1979.

comic art by Alfonso Font

He moved to Paris in 1975, and began a collaboration with the comic magazine Pif Gadget. He created such serials as 'Sandberg, Père et Fils' with Patrick Cothias (1975-77), 'Les Dossiers Mystère' with writer Solet and fellow artists Carlos Giménez and Usero (1978) and 'Les Robinsons de la Terre' with Roger Lécureux (1979-82). He was also present in Scoop with two stories in cooperation with Jean-Michel Charlier (1976-77), in Tousse Bourin with 'Foutu Job' with Cothias (1976) and in Super-As with 'Les Compagnons d'Atlantis' with Victor Mora (1980).

Robinsons de la Terre, by Alfonso Font|
Les Robinsons de la Terre

Font returned to Spain in the early 1980s, where he teamed up with Victor Mora for 'Sylvestre' and 'Tequila Bang' in La Calle. He created stories with the aviator Frederico Mendelsshon Bartholdy in Cimoc, and several short stories for 1984. One of these featured the futuristic characters Clarke and Kubrick, that later made their appearance in Rambla and Cimoc.

El Prisonero de las Estrellas by Alfonso Font
El Prisoniero de las Estrellas

He continued to work for Cimoc throughout the decade with the serial 'El Prisionero de las Estrellas', and then 'Jann Polynésia' and 'Jon Rohner', while developing 'Carmen Bond' for À Tope. Several of Font's Spanish stories were also reprinted in Italy in Comic Art, and in France in Circus, Glénat's magazine for which he additionally made 'Alise et les Argonautes' with Cothias in 1986 and 1987.

El As Negro by Alfonso Font
El As Negro

In 1987, he made his mark again on the French market, with the series 'Taxi', that in Pilote and was later continued in Charlie Mensuel. He participated in the creation of books about the history of America for Planeta in 1992, and then began an association with Editorial Norma, where he got his own collection, that featured the continuation of 'Jon Rohner'. Other new serials included the crime comic 'Negras Tormentas' with Juan Antonio De Blas in Viñetas, and 'Privado' and 'Bri d'Alban' in Cimoc. In 1996, he was present in Penthouse Comix with 'Dra, Dare'. Font and De Blas also cooperated on the story 'Barcelona al Alba', that was syndicated through Strip Art Features.

Barcelona al Alba by Alfonso Font
Barcelona al Alba

Font's has appeared regulary in Italian comic books since the mid-1990s. His serials 'Privado' and 'Bri d'Alban' also ran in Skorpio. He joined the staff of creators of the Bonelli western series 'Tex Willer' in 1998. Years later, in 2012, he also drew an episode of Bonelli's 'Dylan Dog'.

John Sinclair by Alfonso Font
John Sinclair - Die Vampir-Sippe (Bastei, 1999)

In 1999 he made an adaptation of Jason Dark's ghost hunter 'John Sinclair' with Ewald Fehlau for Bastei Verlag in Germany. He appeared in the restart of Pif Gadget in 2004 with the pirate comic 'Les Aventures de Trelawney' in cooperation with Richard Marazano. Also with Marazano, he created the historical series 'Héloïse de Montfort' for Glénat in France in 2010.

Tex, by Alfonso Font
Tex Willer

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