Monsieur le Chien
Monsieur le Chien

Monsieur le Chien is the creator of a blog of the same name. He has been crafting his own ribald and shimmering universe full of low populism and whore-hoppers since 2005. His activities found their way to paper in 2007, when Théloma started publishing collections of Monsieur de Chien's work. He has also worked for other publishing houses since then, such as Makaka ('Feréüs le Fléau' in 2009) and Carabas ('Didier Barcco', 2011-2013).

As a scriptwriter, Monsieur le Chien has worked with Pixel Vengeur on 'Caniveaux de la Gloire', 'Les caniveaux de la gloire' and 'La Méthode Champion' for Fluide Glacial/Audie, and with Emmanuel Delente on 'Début de Siècle' at La Cafetière. Monsieur ranks among his influences Juillard, Matthieu Bonhomme, Bernet, Alfonso Font, Altuna, Kevin O’Neill, Bolland, Doug Braithwaite and Fegredo.

Fereus le Fleau by Monsieur le Chien
Feréüs le Fléau

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