Dingo Jack, by Pixel Vengeur
'Dingo Jack' (Psikopat issue #129, January 2002).

Benoît Serrou began his career in the 1980s as a contributor to magazines like Le Petit Psikopat Illustré, Rigolo and Viper, by then still signing with his own name. One of his earliest comics was 'Squatteur', that appeared in Viper. He eventually started to make creative use of his computer for his work, which resulted in his pseudonym Pixel Vengeur. He does a lot of illustration work for the press, and returned to the comics front in 2000. He has since appeared in magazines like Fluide Glacial, Spirou and Psikopat, for which he created the character 'Dingo Jack'.

Black & Mortamère by Pixel Vengeur
'Black & Mortamère', featuring a guest appearance of Philippe Geluck's 'Le Chat', who - unlike most cats - "doesn't always land on its feet." 

Pixel Vengeur is the author of 'Black & Mortamère' (Le Cycliste, 2005-2010), a series which parodies a wide variety of comic authors and genres, from E.P. Jacobs, Franquin and Philippe Geluck to the superheroes of Marvel Comics. He has participated in a tribute to Gilbert Shelton's 'Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers' (Les Requins Marteaux, 2004) and is responsible, with Fabcaro, for a series of new comics starring Gotlib's dog 'Gai-Luron' (Audie, 2016). Pixel Vengeur has worked with Monsieur Le Chien on the absurd humor comic album 'Les caniveaux de la gloire' in Audie's Fluide Glacial Trafik label. His art has also appeared in several installments of Vide Cocagne's 'Alimentation Générale' anthology series. This Nantes-based label also published Pixel Vengeur's book 'Le Petit Livre Noir en Couleur de Dominique' in 2014.

Le petit livre noire en couleur de Dominique
'Le Petit Livre Noir en Couleur de Dominique'.

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