Jean-Louis by Fabcaro
Jean-Louis et son encyclopédie

Fabrice Caro, who signs with Fabcaro or Fab, was born in Montpellier. Despite of his scientific studies, he chose a career in drawing and writing in 1996. His comics are generally full with humour and self-irony, and sometimes with autobiographical elements. He published his first work in Coca'zine in 1998. Starting in 2002, he has been drawing for the press and comic magazines like Tchô!, L'Écho des Savanes, Psikopat, Fluide Glacial, Zoo, Lylo and Jade.

He has published several autobiographical books with the small publishing house La Cafetière, such as 'Talijanska' (2006), 'Droit dans le Mûr' (2007), 'Like a Steak Machine' (2009) and 'On n'est pas là pour réussir' (2012), but also 'ParapléJack' (2014). Through 6 Pieds Sous Terre, he has published 'La Bredoute' (2007), 'La Clôture' (2009), the more graphically experimental '-20% sur l'esprit de la forêt' (2011) and the social satire 'Zaï zaï zaï zaï' (2015). His comic about teacher Jean-Louis was was published by Drugstore/Glénat in 2009.

-20% sur l'esprit de la forĂȘt
-20% sur l'esprit de la forêt

Under the pen name Fab, he began his scriptwriting career for several humorous series published by Éditions Jungle!. These include 'Les annonces en BD' (with Aurel, 2004-2005), 'Les Parisiens' (with Désert, 2006), Philippe Candeloro (with Didgé and Géo, 2007), 'Comment se débarasser des cons au boulot?' (with Fabio Lai, 2008) and 'Les Marseillais' (with Jack Domon, 2009). Fabcaro has also scripted comics for Fluide Glacial, such as 'Amour, Passion & CX diesel' (with James) and 'Mars!' (with Fabrice Erre). Fabcaro and Erre have also worked together on the Zorro-parody 'Z comme Don Diego' at Dargaud (2012). With Serge Carrère, he was responsible for the revival of Michel Greg's 'Achille Talon' at Dargaud in 2014, and with Pixel Vengeur, he has made new stories starring Gotlib's 'Gai-Luron' (Fluide Glacial, 2016).

Like a steak machine by Fabcaro
Like A Steak Machine

Fabcaro is also a guitarist and singer-songwriter. He has played with Hari, a rockband influenced by The Pixies, and released his own concept album 'Les Amants de la rue Sinistrose'. He is also a novelist, and his novel 'Figurec' (Gallimard, 2006), has been adapted to a graphic novel by Christian De Metter at the publishing house Casterman in the following year.

He made a graphic contribution to the book 'Françaises, Français, Belges, Belges, Lecteur Chéri, Mon Amour' (Jungle!, 2005), in which comic artists illustrated short stories by comedian Pierre Desproges. He additionally made a graphic contribution to the anti-racism collective comic book 'Rire Contre Le Racisme' (Jungle!, 2006).

Zaizai by Fabcaro
Zaï zaï zaï zaï

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