Monsieur Éduard, by Didgé
'Monsieur Éduard'. 

After an education at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Liège, Didgé, pseudonym of Dider Chardez, teamed up with Julien Bouharmont (Julos). As a team they made the series 'Changer la Vie' for the magazine of the Fondation André Renard, as well as the series 'Léon et Nicolas' in Tintin and some scriptwork for Paul Deliège's 'Bobo' in Spirou.

Monsieur Edouard by Didgé
'Monsieur Edouard' (Kuifje #6, 1983).

Solo, Didgé made several comics for Spirou (such as 'Isidore Landurcy') and he appeared in the magazine's legendary supplement Le Trombone Illustré with 'Les Ouvriers du Tarte'. In 1979, he had a brief appearance in À Suivre with 'Conclave'. In 1982, he started his most famous series, 'Monsieur Éduard', in Tintin. In addition, he began 'Les BB du BD' in Spirou. In 1991, he began the series 'Babs' at Lombard.

Quicky by Didgé
'Quicky' (promotional comic for Nesquick).

In addition to his work as an artist, Didgé wrote a great number of scripts for artists like Maurice Maréchal ('Prudence Petitpas'), Serge Ernst ('William Lapoire'), Dale ('Ptouih') and Renaud ('Platon, Torloche et Coquinette', later continued by Bruno Di Sano), most of which were published in Tintin.

Blagues Coquines by Didgé
Blagues Coquines

In 1994, Didgé and Stibane created the erotic comic 'Le Cul et l'Écu' in the BD Folies collection of P&T Productions. In the same register, Didgé and Stibane contributed to the third volume of 'Blagues Coquines' at Points Image under the pen names Bloody & Gutsy. Again with Stibane, he teamed up with Georges van Linthout to make 'Caméra Café', a series of comics based on the television series of the same name. In 2007, he teamed up with Marc Dugain to create 'La Malédiction d'Edgar' at Casterman. In 2008 he drew 'Durbuy La Plus Petite Ville du Monde', a comic about the history of Durbuy, the world's smallest city in the Belgian Ardens.

He additionally made a graphic contribution to the anti-racism collective comic book 'Rire Contre Le Racisme' (Jungle!, 2006).

Babs, by Didgé

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