Noé, by Julos

Julien Bouharmont, who used the pseudonym Julos, drew the gag series 'Noé' for Spirou from 1977. The series began in the supplement Le Trombone Illustré, but was soon transferred to the regular pages. The series ran until 1980. Julos started a versatile collaboration with Didgé in 1976. Together, they created the series 'Changer la Vie' and 'Léon et Nicholas' (in Tintin) and they wrote some episodes of 'Bobo' for Paul Deliège. From 1994, he is a regular writer of gags for 'Les Zappeurs' by Serge Ernst.

Noel, by Julos (Le Trombone Illustré, 6/6/1977)
Noë (Le Trombone Illustré, 6/6/1977)

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