Jessica Blandy by Renaud
'Jessica Blandy' #14 - 'Cuba'.

Renaud is a Belgian comic artist, who is best-known for creating 'Jessica Blandy' with Jean Dufaux. Born Renaud Denauw in Mouscron/ Moeskroen, he studied at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Tournai, and obtained a degree in Advertising-Lithography. He worked in the advertising field for a year, before he became a retoucher for the pocket publications of the publishing house Arédit. He also illustrated some novels that were originally published in the collection Fleuve Noir, and he created his first heroin, Miss Pamela Waps, a.k.a. 'La Guêpe'. He joined the magazine Spirou in 1975, where he started out with the series 'Aymone' in cooperation with Jean-Marie Brouyère, followed by 'Myrtille, Vidpoche et Cabochar' with Mittéï in 1978.

Le Brelan de Dames, by Renaud
'Brelan de Dames'.

He moved over to Tintin magazine in 1980 and created the espionage series 'Brelan de Dames' with writer Jean-Luc Vernal. This series, which was inspired by the television series 'Charlie's Angels', was collected in seven albums by Le Lombard between 1983 and 1988. Renaud also developed the gag series starring a gang of children called 'Platon, Torloche et Coquinette'. From the mid-1980s, Renaud has worked almost exclusively with scriptwriter Jean Dufaux, starting with the final installments of 'Brelan de Dames'.

Platon, Torloche et Coquinette, by Renaud
'Platon, Torloche et Coquinette'.

By 1987, Renaud's style evolved from caricatural to more realistic, which resulted in more mature comics. The first and probably best-known is 'Jessica Blandy', a sensual thriller, written by Dufaux and first published by Novedi in 1987. The series was eventually continued in the collection Repérages of Dupuis and came to an end in 2006.

Jessica Blandy by Renaud
'Jessica Blandy' #7.

Renaud and Dufaux continued the character in another series called 'La Route de Jessica' between 2009 and 2011. Renaud and Dufaux have continued their collaboration with series like 'Les Enfants de la Salamandre' (Dargaud, 1988- 1990), 'Santiag' (Glénat, 1991-1996), and 'Venus H.' (Dargaud, 2005-2008).

Venus H by Renaud
'Venus H.'

Besides Dufaux, Renaud has also worked with Gihef on comics such as the World War II comic 'D'Encre et de Sang' (Sandawe, 2014) and another 'Jessica Blandy' spin-off, the thriller diptych 'Crotales' (2014).

Crotales by Renaud

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