Enchaînés, by Gihef

Jean-François Baudot is a Belgian comic book artist and writer, who works under the pen name Gihef. He spent a part of his childhood in the South of France, but eventually settled in Belgium. Fascinated by films and comics, he decided to pursue an artistic career. After some tips and tricks for artists like Dupa and Bédu, he became the assistant of Eric Lenaerts, who made him turn to a realistic drawing style. Gihef worked on several projects in cooperation with the Gottferdom studios, and made his first solo project, 'R.I.P. Limited' with Jean-Christophe Derrien for the publishing house Nucléa in 2003.

Gihef has been working with scriptwriter Joël Callède on the detective series 'Enchaînés' for Vents d'Ouest since 2004, and on 'Haute sécurité' for Dupuis since 2007. By 2009 he started writing scripts for others. He has worked with his former mentor Eric Lenaerts on 'Mister Hollywood' (2009-2010), and with Renaud on the 'Jessica Blandy' spin-off 'Crotales' (2014), both published by Dupuis. For artist Luc Brahy, he co-wrote the maritime series 'Skipper' with Joël Callède (Delcourt, 2011) and the historical fiction 'Complot' with Alcante (Delcourt, 2014). He scripted a story about the Beatles' first manager called 'Liverfool' for artist Vanders (Emmanuel Proust Éditions, 2012).

Gihef draws his inspiration from comic artists like Tim Bradstreet, Michael Lark and Gary Frank, and filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher and David Lynch.

Haute Sécurité by Gihef
Haute Sécurité

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