Le Voyage de Esteban by Matthieu Bonhomme
Le Voyage d'Esteban 4 - Prisonniers du bout du monde (2012)

Coming from an artistic family, Matthieu Bonhomme got his degree in Applied Arts in 1992. He learned the finer points of the comics profession by working in Christian Rossi's atelier. During this period, Bonhomme had illustration assignments for the press and magazines (Spirou, Je Bouquine, Image Doc), while creating his first comics ('Victor et Anaïs') for Éditions Okapi/Carabas in cooperation with Jean-Michel Darlot in 2002. He joined the Atelier des Vosges, where he got acquianted with his future scriptwriters Gwen de Bonneval and Fabien Vehlmann.

Le Marquis d'Anaon by Matthieu Bonhomme
Le Marquis d'Anaon 5 - La Chambre de Kheops

It was with Vehlmann that he started his first series, 'Le Marquis d'Anaon', that was published by Dargaud between 2002 and 2008. He published his solo book 'L'Âge de Raison' with Éditions Carabas in 2002, and since 2005, he also writes and draws the children's series 'Le Voyage d'Esteban' for Éditions Milan. The series is continued by Dupuis from the third book.

Messire Guillaume by Matthieu Bonhomme
Messire Guillaume 3 - Terre et mère (2009)

Bonhomme and De Bonneval eventually set up their own studio, Atelier du Coin, where they worked with Stéphane Oiry, Nicolas Hübesch, Dorothée de Monfreid, Marie Caillou, scriptwriter and colorist Hubert, and the photographer Charlie Jouvet. He started a new series with De Bonneval, 'Messire Gaullaume', that was published in Dupuis' Repérages collection from 2006 to 2009.

Bonhomme has additionally worked with Lewis Trondheim on 'Omni-visibilis' (Dupuis, 2010) and the Spirou supplement 'Texas Cowboys' (2011-2014). In 2016, he wrote and drew the remarkable comic album 'L'Homme qui tua Lucky Luke', starring a darker and more realistic version of the classic comics cowboy created by Morris.

Texas Cowboys by Matthieu Bonhomme
Texas Cowboys (2011)

Matthieu Bonhomme in Erlangen, 2016 (Photo: Henrik Bernd)

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