Batman, by Doug Braithwaite

Doug (or Dougie) Braithwaite was encouraged by his high school teacher to become a comic artist. He went to show his work at Marvel UK, when he was only 15 years old. After a try-out, he took courses at the London Cartoon Centre from among others David Lloyd. He eventually made his debut at Marvel UK with a Christmas issue of 'Action Force'.

He then did his first professional work for 2000 AD and A1. He also worked for Marvel UK on titles like 'G.I. Joe'. In the 1990s he worked on several titles DC, including 'Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight', 'Azrael', 'Supermen of America' and 'Green Arrow'. His more recent DC work include 'Justice' with Alex Ross (2007) and 'The Brave and the Bold' with David Hine (2008).

G.I. Joe by Doug Braithwaite
G.I. Joe - European Missions #1

For Marvel, Braithwaite illustrated the 'Earth X' sequels 'Universe X' and 'Paradise X'. He had a run on 'Incredible Hulk' in 2004 and on 'Punisher: MAX' with Garth Ennis in 2005. Braithwaite and Ennis were also responsible for the 1995 one-shot comic book 'The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe'. In addition, he has illustrated issues of 'Ghost' for Dark Horse Comics as well as 'Archer & Armstrong' for Valiant Comics.

Universe X, by Doug Braithwaite

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