comic art by David Lloyd
Comic art by David Lloyd. 

David Lloyd debuted in 1977, drawing for Halls of Horror, TV Comic and Marvel UK. His first works include the highly acclaimed 'Night Raven', created with Steve Parkhouse, and another series for Marvel UK featuring 'Dr. Who'. With Alan Moore, he created 'V for Vendetta', published in the British monthly magazine Warrior. 'V for Vendetta' relates the adventures of a masked vigilante figure waging war against a totalitarian Britain.

comic art by David Lloyd
Comic art by Dave Lloyd. 

Lloyd set out to create a distinctively realistic look for 'V'. He further applied the style developed by Jim Steranko in 'Chandler', a detective strip with the stylistic quirk of having characters lacking solid outlines, and also eliminated the surrounding lines of figures and speech balloons. The result was an overall effect of bleakness and almost photographic reality. When Warrior folded in 1984, the series was reprinted by DC and appeared as graphic novel with DC/Vertigo in 1995. A movie adaptation was released in 2006.

Lloyd has also worked on 'ESPers' (with writer James Hudnall) for Eclipse Comics, 'Hellblazer' (with writers Grant Morrison and Jamie Delano) and 'War Story' (with Garth Ennis) for DC, as well as 'Global Frequency' (with Warren Ellis) for Wildstorm. He has also created the graphic novel 'Kickback' for French publisher Editions Carabas. Lloyd is involved in teaching courses regarding comic strip illustration and lives in Brighton, England.

V for Vendetta, by David Lloyd and Alan Moore
'V For Vendetta'. 

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