Happenstance & Kismett, by Steve Parkhouse
'Happenstance & Kismet'. 

Steve Parkhouse was born in the UK, but moved to the USA around 1968, where he spent several years. He did his first comics work for Marvel, drawing on the 'Nick Fury' title. He has worked on several comics for the British market, like 2000 AD ('Judge Dredd' stories and his own creation, 'Big Dave') IPC (Whizzer & Chips, Buster), Fleetway ('Library of Death') and Marvel UK. He was the writer of the 'Doctor Who' strip from 1981 to 1985, and also illustrated three episodes in 1982-83. Parkhouse made a comic book adaptation of Terry Gilliam's film 'Time Bandits' for Marvel in 1981.

comic art by Steve Parkhouse
Comic art by Steve Parkhouse. 

Parkhouse was one of the founding artists of the British comic anthology Warrior, for which he co-created 'The Bojeffries Sage' with Alan Moore. He has worked as a letterer on DC titles since the mid-1980s. Also for DC, he cooperated as a writer, penciller and inker on Vertigo and Piranha titles, like 'The Dreaming', 'The Invisibles' and 'Hiding Place'. With writer Joe Casey, he produced 'Milman Murders' for Dark Horse, and with David Lloyd, he made 'Night Raven'. Since 2011, he has been working with Peter Hogan on the Dark Horse comic 'Resident Alien'.

Happenstance & Kismett, by Steve Parkhouse
'Happenstance & Kismett'. 

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