Batman: the Killing Joke, by Brian Bolland

After publishing his first works in the underground comix scene, Brian Bolland made his professional debut with the black Nigerian superhero 'Power Man' in the 1975. He then became a successful artist on the 'Judge Dredd' series in 2000 AD. His work was noted by the American publishing house DC, and after doing some 'Green Lantern' cover illustrations for this compnay, he was assigned to do the series 'Camelot 3000' with scriptwriter Mile Barr in 1982.

Harry the Head, by Brian Bolland

Bolland has worked as an artist on the 'Batman' series, doing the successful 'The Killing Joke' graphic novel in 1988. He has collaborated with writers like Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Mike W. Barr, and has done many cover illustrations for the DC Vertigo comic series 'Vamps' and 'Blood & Waters', among others. He produced short stories for the English anthology 'Taboo'.

He was an influence on Harald Stricker

comic art by Brian Bolland

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