WildC.A.T.S. by Travis Charest
WildC.A.T.s - Covert Action Teams #16 (December, 1994)

Travis Charest was born in Leduc, a small town in the Canadese province Alberta. It was at his grandmother's house that he found his first comic book, which inspired him to start drawing. Other than that, he calls among his influences Mike Mignola, Adam Hughes, Brian Bolland, and artists from the early 20th century. He submitted his work to DC Comics in the USA, that assigned him to draw stories for the Flash Annual volume 5 in 1992 and the Showcase of March 1993. He then had a four-issue run on 'Darkstars', while also producing cover artwork for 'The Outsiders', 'Batman' and 'Detective Comics'.

Metabarons by Travis Charest
Les Armes du Méta-Baron

Based on this work, he was asked by Jim Lee to come to California and join the Wildstorm Studios. He has drawn several issues in the 'WildC.A.T.S.' series, in cooperation with writers like James Robinson, Alan Moore and Scott Lobell. He went to Paris to paint a graphic novel in Alejandro Jodorowsky's 'Metabarons' series. The project took too much time, so Charest's work was finished by Zoran Janjetov. Charest did however paint several covers in the collection 'La caste des Méta-Barons'.

By 2007, Charest was settled in California. He is a much sought-after cover artist, like on David Morrell's 'Captain America: The Chosen' mini-series and Dark Horse's 'Star Wars' titles. He also developed his own webstrip called 'Spacegirl', of which a first book collection was self-published in 2008.

Travis Charest was a strong influence on Freddie E. Williams II.

Spacegirl by Travis Charest


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