comic art by Jodorowski and Giminez
artwork by Juan Giménez

Alejandro Jodorowski is one of the most famous present-day comic writers. Jodorowsky was born in Iquique, Chile as the son of Russian immigrants. He began his career with several creative jobs, such as mime, actor, film director, a writer of theatre plays and a novellist. An important medium in his output is comics. He made his comics debut in 1966 with the futuristic saga 'Anibal 5', illustrated by Manuel Moro. He also had his turn in drawing his own comics, such as the weekly 'Fabulas Panicas' series, that appeared in the Mexican magazine Heraldo Cultural.

Juan Solo, by Georges Bess and Alejandro Jodorowsky
artwork by Georges Bess

In 1978, his first collaboration with Moebius appeared at Humanoïdes Associés, called 'Les Yeux du Chat'. Two years later, they created the absurd science-fiction serial 'John Difool' in Métal Hurlant. He teamed up with artist Arno to create the magical fantasy series 'Alef-Thau' in 1982. This series was continued by Al Covial in 1998. In cooperation with Silvio Cadelo, he began 'Le Dieu Jaloux' and 'L'Ange Carnivore', later both reprinted under the title 'La Saga d'Alendor'. He also began a collaboration with the artist Georges Bess, starting with 'Les Jumeaux Magiques' in Le Journal de Mickey in 1986. Two years later, he began the series 'Le Lama Blanc' with this same artist.

Avant l'Incal, by Zoran Janjetov and Alexandro Jodorowky
artwork by Zoran Janjetov

With Zoran Janjetov, he created a series parallel to 'John Difool' with 'Avant l'Incal'. He also revived his first series, 'Anibal 5', with Georges Bess in 1990. From 1991, he started several collaborations for the magazine À Suivre, such as François Boucq ('Face de Lune'), Jean-Claude Gal ('La Passion de Diosamante') and Moebius ('Le Coeur Couronné'). Another famous creation was 'La Caste des Méta-Barons' with Juan Giménez. In 1993, he wrote 'La Vérité est au Fond des Rêves' for Jean-Jacques Chaubin, as well as 'La Guerre de Megamex' for the Japanese artist Katsuhiro Otomo. Two years later followed 'Juan Solo', yet again with Bess, and the detective 'Gilles Hamesh', drawn by Durandur (Michel Durand).

Bouncer, by Fran├žois Boucq and Alejandro Jodorowsky
artwork by François Boucq

He began 'Aliot' with Victor de la Fuente in 1996, but cancelled the series after only one episode because of the similarities with his 'Saga d'Alendor'. In 1997, he took on a new cooperartion with Janjetov and Frédéric Beltran to create 'Les Technopères'. Two years later followed 'Megalex' with Fred Beltran. In 2001, he created the hard-boiled western trilogy 'Bouncer' with François Boucq. A year later, he launched the 'Diosamante' series with Jean-Claude Gal. Jodorowsky's stories are absurd but coherent science-fiction, and the use of crazy terminology is a unique feature of Jodorowsky's writing style. Alejandro Jodorowsky was named an Officer in the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettes in 2005.

Alef-Thau, by Arno and Alejandro Jodorowsky
artwork by Arno

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