Lobster Johnson by Jason Armstrong
Lobster Johnson - 'The Iron Prometheus' #3 (2007).

Jason Armstrong is a Canadian comic book artist who works for the America market, starting with 'Shadow Cabinet' for Milestone Comics in 1994 and 'Ultraverse Mantra' for Malibu Comics in 1994-95. Armstrong's work was featured in the DC Showcase 1994, and in the following year, he drew three issues of DC's 'Damage' and made contributions to the 'Robin' and 'Hawkman' annuals. He then had one-year runs on the company's titles 'The Ray' (1995-96) and 'Legion of Superheroes' (1997-98).

Armstrong was also working for Marvel, starting with '2099 World of Tomorrow' in 1996-97. He did a fill-in issue of 'The Sensational Spider-Man' in 1997 and contributed to 'Marvel Universe' in the following year. He also drew the promotional 'Captain America' comic book for Symantec, as well as an issue of Marvel's 'The New Warriors'. He is the creator, writer and artist of 'Doc Thunder', published in Dark Horse Presents in 2000. He has also created the critically acclaimed mini-series 'Ferro City' for Image Comics in 2005, and worked with Mike Mignola on the 'Hellboy' spin-off series 'Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus' for Dark Horse in 2007. He returned to DC in that same year with an issue of 'The Spirit', scripted by Sergio Aragonés. Armstrong has additionally drawn comic stories starring the TV cartoon character 'Braceface' for Nelvana.

Ferro City by Jason Armstrong
'Ferro City'.

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