Groo by Sergio Aragonés
Groo - The Hogs of Horder #1 (2009)

Sergio Aragonés Domenech was born in San Mateo, Spain, but moved to France and eventually Mexico, because of the Civil War. He grew up in Mexico City, producing streams of cartoons for his friends. In 1953, one of these friends sent some to the Mexican humor magazine Ja Ja, which printed them. He also began a collaboration with the magazine Mañana.

The Smokehouse Five, by Sergio Aragones
The Smokehouse Five

He studied architecture for a while, and worked as a clown and pantomime artist, which he learned under the guidance of Alejandro Jodorowsky. Aragonés headed for the USA in 1962, where he began his longtime collaboration with MAD magazine. Aragonés became known for his section 'A Mad Look At....' and his many pantomime comic strips, called marginals, which were inserted into the margins and between panels of the magazine. Aragonés has contributed to nearly every issue of MAD since 1963.

Louder Than Words by Sergio Aragones
Louder Than Words

In the late sixties, Aragonés began a collaboration with DC Comics, drawing for titles like 'Angel and the Ape', 'Inferior Five', 'Young Romance' and 'Jerry Lewis', as well as some horror anthologies. He also served as a plotter for other artists and co-created serials like the western 'Bat Lash' and the humor title 'Plop!' (1973-1976).

Buzz & Bell, by Sergio Aragones
Buzz and Bell

He started his classic fantasy parody 'Groo the Wanderer' with scripts by Marc Evanier in the alternative comic book Destroyer Duck in 1982. As a creator-owned book, 'Groo' has since been published by a number of publishers, including Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics, Marvel Comics (under the Epic Comics imprint), Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics. Other serials by Aragonés at the time were 'The Smokehouse Five' and 'Buzz and Bell', which were distributed in Europe to publishers like Dupuis (Belgium) and Carlsen (Germany) through the Strip Art Features syndicate.

Maggie's Crib by Sergio Aragones (2010)
Maggie's Crib (2010)

Aragonés and Evanier continued their collaboration throughout the 1990s with series like 'Fanboy', 'Boogeyman', 'Magnor', 'Blair Witch?' and a series in which they trash famous characters: 'Sergio Aragonés Massacres Marvel', 'Sergio Aragonés Destroys DC', and 'Sergio Aragonés Stomps Star Wars'. His artwork has appeared on hundreds of advertisements and editorial features, and his animation has been featured on numerous TV shows. In recent years, he has a regular feature in the 'Bart Simpson' comic book, called 'Maggie's Crib'.

illustration on a napkin for Lambiek, by Sergio Aragones
drawing on a napkin for Lambiek (1982)

Sergio Aragonès in Leipzig (Photo: Henrik Bernd)

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