Larie Cook is the pen name of the Zaandam-based comic artist and illustrator Arie Plas. He has self-published many mini-comics, and makes colouring pictures, funny paintings, posters, murals and designs for delivery bicycles, T-shirts and birth announcement cards. He also gives workshops at schools in the Amsterdam-West quarters, and is a regular attendant of comics events and festivals. His work is characterized by absurdism, strange animals and pop culture references. 

Born in Amsterdam in 1975, Plas ranks among his main influences Shel Silverstein, Bill Watterson and Sergio Aragonés. Among his many mini-comics are the series 'Hey Baby' (12 issues), 'Do & Make' (5 issues), 'Justin Case' (2 issues), 'State of US' (4 issues) and a free adaptation of Philip K. Dick's short story 'The Father Thing' (3 issues), as well as the one-shots 'Clyde', 'Dr. X', 'Rocky Raccoon', 'The man who never got it', 'Zaklab' and the coloring book 'Paint it black'. A collection of his comic books from the 2002-2008 period was published under the title 'Lariebus!!'.

From: Hey Baby, a collection of cartoon sketches of strange animals

Larie Cook was also one of the driving forces behind the small-press publication Hocus Pocus Comix, of which 2 issues were published in 2009 and 2012. The other contributors were Bone, Gijs Weijer, Maarten Schuurman, Maia Matches, Cees Aloserij, Wayne Horse, Qsera and Michiel Schuurman. He has furthermore participated in the free comics papers Orient X Press (2012), Wat Wil West (2014) and 'Oeverloos' (2015), which were distributed in the Amsterdam quarters Oost, Oud-West and Noord, respectively. Besides regular comic strips, he also designs humorous activity pages, like the fold-out playgrounds poster in Wat Wil West (2014). Since 2017 he is one of the cartoonists of the children's science magazine Quest Junior.

"The shave ice lab". Larie's contribution to Orient X Press, dealing with the shave ice salesman in Amsterdam-East.

Arie has participated in several editions of 24 Hour Comics in the Amsterdam-based comics shop Lambiek, which resulted in mini-comics like '24-uurs Detective' (2009), 'Kip & Ei' (2010), 'Zwets - Zwanger van een idee' (2013), 'Zwetsuit' (2014) and 'Zwets - Vogelvrij' (2015). He has furthermore designed the stash of comic books on the luggage carrier of the promotional Lambiek-bike, which was a prominent feature on the Kerkstraat during opening hours. In 2010 he also repainted the worn-out 'Zip!' sign above the store. In December 2011 his work was exhibited in Lambiek's gallery.

Other commercial clients include local entrepeneurs and private individuals in Amsterdam and the pop stage Patronaat in Haarlem. Since 2016, Arie is working as a salesman at comics shop Lambiek at the current location on Koningsstraat 27.

Larie Cook also painted the new Lambiek sign in 2010. The original sign was painted in the 1980s by Onno Docters van Leeuwen, based on an idea by Herwolt van Doornen and Job Goedhart.

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