Fear of Missing Out

Maia Matches is a Canadian comics artist who lives and works in the Netherlands. Since the mid 2000s she has been a prominent artist in Amsterdam's alternative comix scene, especially as the initiator of several free comics newspapers aimed at specific districts of the city.

She was born as Maia Machèn in Toronto, Canada and moved to the Netherlands in 1999. She graduated from the Academy of Art & Design in Den Bosch in 2003, majoring in Sculpture, while additionally self-publishing a series of zines called 'Crap*'. In 2006, she completed her first graphic novel 'Torontonia', a project that was awarded a small grant by de NBKS (The New Brabants Art Society) in Breda. Maia moved to Amsterdam in the same year and became a regular participant of the 24 Hour Comics Day event in comics shop Lambiek (and later even hosted a few of her own, when Lambiek was unable to).

De kraker, de agent, de jurist en de stad by Maia Matches
De kraker, de agent, de jurist en de stad

She is the driving force behind the Amsterdam comic newspapers 'Orient X Press' (2012), 'Wat Wil West' (2014) and 'Oeverlos' (2016), which were distributed for free throughout the city. The papers featured art by Maia and other established or amateur comic artists based in Amsterdam, including work by Wasco, Remco Polman, Merel Barends, Floor de Goede and Maaike Hartjes. In 2014 she drew the squatter's perspective in 'De Kraker, de Agent, de Jurist en de Stad', a journalistic graphic novel collaboration between three journalists and three comic artists about the squatting prohibition of 2010.

Nekromaniak by Maia Matches

Maia has since continued to support the underground by producing numerous flyers and posters for local bands and festivals, including artwork for the Sex Organs, la Banda Fantástica and Sounds of the Underground (2017). She hasn't shied away from the topic of sexuality either, as demonstrated in her mini webseries, 'Fear of Missing Out' (2018), starring the character Ruby Riveter, published by online platform 'Drawing the Times'. Maia has also made larger-then-life sculptures honouring the work of Peter Pontiac and Frankenstein's Monster (Stripdagen Haarlem 2016 and 2018). After contributing to several unknown magazines such as Kutlul and Skullfukked by Ghouls, Maia finally had enough material to print a risograph collection of short stories featuring the plastic surgery heroine, Bitch, under the title 'Bitch Knows Best' (2018).

On 25 January 2019 Maia Matches was inaugurated as the 2019 "Stadstekenaar van Amsterdam" (City Illustrator of Amsterdam) by the Amsterdam City Archives. She will print a series of comics about Amsterdam in newspaper Het Parool in 2019.

Bitch Cums by Maia Matches
Bitch Cums

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