Cover for L'Épatant, by Marcel Arnac

Marcel Arnac was part of the first generation of French comic artists, together with Louis Forton, Tybalt and Thomen. A satirical and humorous cartoonist and writer, he made his debut in L'Illustré National in 1903. He was a regular contributor to the magazines published by the Offenstadt brothers. He was present in the military magazines Le Régiment and La Vie de Garnison with 'Les Stupéfliants Exploits de la Famille Rhibouys' and with several stories in L'Inédit (1912-1914) and L'Épatant.

L'Ordre mal Interprété, by Marcel Arnac (Fillette)

For L'Épatant, he did several sequential works, starting with 'Pouf et Canary se Disputent le Pôle Nord', published in April, 1910. In the following years, he came up with 'Les Désopilantes Aventures de Trouille Détective' (from 1912, text by Jo Valle), 'La Vie et les Aventures de Guenille, Biffin et Pattefolle' (1914) and 'Les Exploits Sportifs et Tordants d'Isidore Flapi, Athlète Complet'. Several of his works were collected in books by Offenstadt, such as 'L'Inénarrable Voyage de la Famille Lempaillé' (1913, the first Offenstadt book production), and the above mentioned Épatant works (1918).

Cover for L'Épatant, by Marcel ArnacCover for L'Épatant, by Marcel Arnac

Arnac was also a productive book illustrator for writers like François Villon and René Rabache, and a satirical artist for Le Canard Enchaîné (1918), Le Merle Blanc (1919-24), Cyrano (1924) and La Vie Parisienne (1919-30). He was also the author of a partly autobiographical novel in comics format, called 'Les Mémoires de M. Courpandouille' in 1931. A member of the Society for Humorist Artist and a personal friend of writer Georges Simenon, Marcel Arnac died of an accident in Suresnes in 1931.

Cover for L'Épatant, by Marcel Arnac

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