Dr Fate, by Stan Asch
'Dr. Fate' (More Fun #94, November 1943).

Stanley Asch was an artist for comic books in the 1930s and 1940s. He was educated at Mills Academy, and worked on syndicated features like 'Just Like Junior' in the 1930s. He graphically created such DC characters as 'Johnny Thunder' (1939) and 'Dr Mid-Nite' (1941), the world's first blind superhero, who had his first appearance in All-American Comics #25. Asch and writer Chuck Reizenstein continued the feature during its early years, but were later succeeded by other artists.

Johnny Thunder, by Stan Asch
'Johnny Thunder' (Flash #24, Dec. 1941).

Other DC features illustrated by Asch were 'Justice Society of America', 'Mr. Terrific', 'Starman' and 'Green Lantern'. He was present in EC's crime titles of the 1940s (Crime Patrol, War Against Crime) and worked on Quality features like 'Captain Cook of Scotland Yard', 'Race Keane' and 'The Voice'. Asch additionally made 'Space Speedsters' for Better Publications, 'Corporal Flint' for Ace Periodicals and crime stories for Charlton's Lawbreakers title. He has also assisted Al Capp and Milton Caniff on 'Li'l Abner' and 'Terry and the Pirates', and ghosted on the 'Katzenjammer Kids' Sunday page in the 1940s.

Dr Mid-Nite, by Stanley Asch

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