AVE was the pen name of a presumably Dutch artist, responsible for two infamous 'Asterix' sex parodies. Both 'Asterix de Geilaard' (1982) and 'Asterix op de Walletjes' (1982) were part of a controversial wave of early 1980s sex parodies of famous comic series that were sold under the counter in the Netherlands and Belgium, spawning a heated debate about the boundaries between parody and plagiarism.

Asterix de Geilaard
Released under the spoof imprint Uitgeverij De Bokken, 'Asterix de Geilaard' was the first sex parody of Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny's famous Gaul signed by the mysterious "AVE" (the Latin word for "salute"). The plot is loosely based on the official 'Asterix and Cleopatra' album, but otherwise follows a loose narrative. Instead of Caesar and Cleopatra betting whether the Egyptians can still build temples, they bet which of their sex slaves is "the best". Shortly afterwards, Asterix and Obelix find a raped female in the forest, who with her last breath claims she and her daughter were violated by the Romans. Her daughter is apparently still alive and kidnapped. The plot then lies dormant for several pages, as the reader is treated to an extensive sequence in which the wife of village elder Geriatrix has sex with several of the other Gauls. Eventually, Asterix, Obelix and Getafix the druid travel to Egypt, where Getafix has sex with Cleopatra and consults the Sphinx to find out "who will win the bet". In the end, a previously unmentioned girl, Vaginella, wins and becomes ruler of the Roman Empire. The rambling tale concludes with Asterix informing the reader in a monologue that after Vaginella abdicated, Caesar became ruler again and everything went back to normal. The rest of the book is filled with one-panel cartoons of random sex scenes.

'Asterix de Geilaard'.

Asterix Op De Walletjes
Within the same year, a second AVE-created sex parody was published: 'Asterix op de Walletjes' (De Bokken, 1982), with the title referring to the Amsterdam Red Light District. Like the previous spoof, the book has a thin plot, off-model drawings and crude hand lettering. The story kicks off with village smith Fulliautomatix having an extramarital affair. Other Gauls join in the orgy until their wives find out. They decide to live separately from their husbands, motivating Asterix and Obelix to go out and find new wives for everybody. Their journey brings them to the Netherlands, where a pimp offers them the sexual services of his sister. A lengthy sex scene ensues, after which Asterix and Obelix go to the city to amuse themselves in a brothel. Satisfied with the service, they travel back to their village, bringing the prostitutes with them. However, by then the Gaulish wives have decided to reunite with their husbands, making the imported whores "useless". All ends "well", when the Gauls decide to pimp out their sex workers to the Roman army. AVE concludes the book with a statement for the readers, pointing out that it's remarkable that the Dutch press never gives any attention to comics, unless it's about sex: "How great that people get excited again about sex."

'Asterix op de Walletjes'. Obelix exclaims: "By Benenlos", a pun on the Gaulish god Belenos ('Belenus' in English) and the Dutch expression "benen los" (="loose legs"). 

Both 'Asterix' sex spoofs by AVE were clearly made up as the artist went along, with a lot of random and at times confusing story twists. Many visuals are copied or clumsily redrawn from official 'Asterix' stories. The sex scenes, on the other hand, seem to copy poses from other, more professionally drawn porn comics or photographs. AVE's artwork often lacks backgrounds and the crude hand lettering lacks punctuation and is full of typos and spelling errors. All this suggests that AVE was no professional artist, and maybe even a teenager when drawing both stories.

Parody boom of the 1980s
Like most of these illegally produced sex parodies, both books have no mention of an official publisher or author. AVE is almost certainly a Dutchman, given the Red Light District reference in 'Asterix op de Walletjes'. When Asterix and Obelix use their "magic potency" to screw a Dutch prostitute, she is dressed in traditional milk maid costume (though not for long). The two AVE books were not the only illegal 'Asterix' spoofs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Around the same time, a politically motivated parody about nuclear energy appeared under the title 'Asterix en de Kerncentrale'. Another 'Asterix' sex comic was 'Rammerix Le Condôme' (1982), made by artists from Ger van Wulften's Espee team in Amsterdam. By 1983, Dutch stores were forced to give up their stock of pornographic 'Asterix' comics on legal order. This also ended the market and desire to create more of such spoofs, at least in the Netherlands.

AVE's statement at the end of 'Asterix en de Walletjes'.

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