V moci velkého kouzla by Libor Balak
V moci velkého kouzla (Kometa 29, 1992)

Libor Balak is a Czech comic artist, painter and illustrator. He was a student of Czech painter Zdeněk Burian and has primarily worked as a book illustrator. He also makes portraits, free sci-fi and fantasy paintings, package designs and posters. He participated in the creation of the computer games Vietcong 1 and 2. He is specialized in prehistorical reconstructions for museums, and is also a teacher in this fied.

Balák has drawn comics for Kometa, Aréna and ABC in the 1990s. He contributed to a comic book of Jaroslav Foglar adaptations in 1999 and to the 'Dobrodružství s Bobří stopou' book in 2003, both by Olympia. His adaptation of the 'Winnetou' story 'Treasure of Silver Lake' was created in cooperation with Vlastimil Peška (script) and Jitka Bednářová-Smíšková (art), and published in 2003.

Winnetou by Libor Balak
Poklad na Stříbrném jezeře (Winnetou, 2003)

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